Studying in foreign universities

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Great Britain
Czech Republic

All-Ukrainian Academic Union provides assistance to Ukrainian citizens and other interested parties in preparing for entrance and admission to universities of foreign countries. Work on the geographical expansion and the quality improvement of the Academic Union interaction, with universities in Europe, North America, Russia, Japan and China are in a continuous mode. We try to do everything to ensure that residents of former Soviet republics have free access to leading academic institutions educational resources in the world. Despite the fact that the project "Education Without Borders is running us recently, we can say confidently that the endless expanses of international expertise may be available to any interested person.

We offer you an educational resources brief overview in various countries, accessible to Ukrainian citizens and other former Soviet states citizens
It is obvious that almost every young person at some stage of their lives will inevitably think of their future career, the role that he wishes to and is ready to participate in the life of society. It is no secret that for the successful finding of their rightful place in everyday life, each purposeful person must obtain proper education. And the greater the number of vertices is the subject of claims of a person - the better should be his education and higher education institution must be prestigious and famous.
Nowadays, studying abroad is no longer something unusual and the growing number of Ukrainian students and graduates of local universities, higher education, pass post-university programs and defend the dissertation at the world-renowned universities.
Of course, you can get a proper education in Ukrainian universities, but studying abroad provides additional advantages.

The undeniable benefits of studying abroad are:
• High level of language proficiency;
• Diplomas that are recognized and highly valued by employers worldwide;
• Deep understanding of European and world culture and characteristics of business method in a particular country;
• Establishing an independent and self-confident personality able to make independent decisions;
• Perspectives for European and international companies - leaders of world business, both abroad and in Ukraine.