Resources and potential

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The All-Ukrainian Academic Union has all the resources and capabilities to implement stated tasks goals in this field.

The All-Ukrainian Academic Union’s basic resource base consists of high class professionals and business relations of our organization.

Our staff is represented by employees who obtained such degrees as Ph.D., Ass. Prof., Full Prof., scientific titles of professor, associate professors assigned to different countries, as well as holders of academic titles from various national and foreign and international academies. A number of staff of the Academic Union is represented by scientists who specialize in various fields of scientific research, and the authors of dozens of monographs, articles and presentations at international scientific conferences.

The teachers, assistants and interpreters, fluent in English, German, French, Italian and other foreign languages are the pride of our organization.

Leading experts national experts on higher education reform, the Bologna experts, representatives of the Bologna Follow Up Group (BFUG) in Ukraine, members of the Steering Committee on Higher Education and Science of Ukraine carry out their activities As part of the Academic Union.

Bologna Centre of Ukraine, which was created at the initiative of the All-Ukrainian Academic Union allowed our organization team up higher educational institutions of Ukraine on the problems of higher education quality, academic and educational qualifications professional recognition, international mobility of students, teachers and scientists, introduction of a national educational practice of ECTS tools, the mechanisms of the Bologna process and the Europass documents. This alliance of the scientific and academic and educational community representatives of Ukraine can quickly attract the best scientific and pedagogical staff of the country for educational and research activities.

All-Ukrainian Academic Union is an official partner of such organizations as "TEMPUS” and "Fund XXI century”, European Association for International Education, Odessa Regional Innovation Development Centre and intends to expand the horizons of its partnerships progressively with specialized national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations and international structures.

Our organization has the necessary capacity to maintain the most modern ways of communication, including the usage of World Wide Web: from instant messaging to videoconferencing and, for example, educational programs remote broadcasts (lectures, seminars, debates, examination tests etc).

Having its own publishing house  enablesthe Academic Union to publish scientific publicistic almanac "Community and Progress” that contains scientific and popular science monographs, methodical literature, and production and advertising materials.

We have the necessary educational equipment, computers and other means of communication at our disposal.

We have spacious, comfortably equipped and furnished rooms in a building located in the historic centre of the southern capital of Ukraine - Odessa. We have equipped them with computers and visual display of information in our training centre - a conference hall with 30 seats, as well as classroom accommodating 72 people, as well as other small classrooms and ancillary facilities.

In addition, we have a spacious office in the centre of  Kiev and 200 - seat conference hall in the building of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences at our disposal.