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Dear Colleagues,

Center of International Education invites you to a seminar-training for the coordinators of the European credit transfer system (ECTS) in higher education.

In accordance with the order of MES from 16.10.2009, № 943 "On introduction  European credit transfer system in higher educational institutions of Ukraine, it is necessary, starting with the 2009/2010 school year, introduce ECTS (2009) and its key documents to the higher educational establishments of Ukraine .

Introduction of ECTS at the universities would let  to fill in the Diploma Supplement European model (according to the Cabinet of Ministers № 265 dated 02.03.2010),more correctly that would facilitate its acceptance in the European Higher Education Area.

To implement the ECTS as a basic tool of the Bologna process the team of ECTS coordinators should be established at the university  level, faculty (the Institute) level, Chair board.

ECTS Coordinators are the primary contact and decision-makers in the implementation of ECTS in higher educational establishment and implementation of mobility of students and teachers.

Expected learning outcomes (competence):

-Know the purposes and provisions of the Bologna Process

-Understand the nature of transformations in the European Higher Education Area

-Understand the strategy and development prospects of higher education in Ukraine in the context of the EHEA

-Recognize the need to argue the EHEA and the prospects for Ukrainian students

Act as a voice-the ideas of European integration in higher education

-Know the main tasks for the implementation of the European credit transfer system

-Understand the key features of ECTS

-Be able to explain the appointment of ECTS credits for lifelong learning

-Know the key documents of ECTS

-Be able to create the Information Package / Course Catalog

-Be able to fill covers: the student, the Agreement on training and practical training to the Diploma Supplement

-Be prepared to give advice when filling key documents actors of the educational process

Participation in the seminar will be useful to Principal and Vice Chancellor of universities, heads of teaching departments, teachers, masters, graduate and doctoral students, other interested parties.

To register for a course of study, you must complete the registration form and send it by fax to: (048) 7374620 or e-mail: .

We inform you that the number of seats at workshop limited to 20 participants.
We look forward  to get your registration form.

See you in sunny Odessa!

Learn more about the seminar