International certification of educational programs

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The All-Ukrainian Academic Union, acting as the official representative in Ukraine and the CIS countries of the European Association for International Education (Amsterdam, Netherlands), International Academy of Science and Higher Education (London, UK), International Commercial and Industrial Union (London, UK), is authorized in the framework of international educational projects "Quality education without boundaries" and "Way to the top" to represent these organizations and programmes with regard to European accreditation of educational programs of local organizations providing services in the sphere of supplementary education in the form of trainings, educational seminars, courses, etc. After passing the accreditation and adjusting corresponding programmes to European requirements, interested organizations will obtain the following benefits:

  • 1. An organization having passed the accreditation of individual programmes will officially become a part of the international education system with regard to these programmes, because it will have the opportunity to award European educational documents to duly advancing students within the parameters accepted and recognized in the countries of the European Union.
  • 2. Study periods and educational qualifications associated with accredited programmes will be internationally recognized under the European Lifelong Learning Programme and taken into account in the determination of a person's overall educational status in the context of learned educational information (expressed in ECTS credits), academic achievements and professional qualification (nature and level of acquired knowledge and skills).
  • 3. The organization will receive official Certificates of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE, London, UK) and the International Commercial and Industrial Union (IUCI, London, UK).
  • 4. Besides educational documents awarded by the organization that provides education, the students having completed educational programs will be able to achieve an additional Certificate of the European certification of educational qualifications IASHE and conformity of knowledge and skills requirements of the international labour market IUCI.
  • 5. Students having completed educational programs will be able, under the auspices of the IASHE, to achieve theEuropass Mobility, which is an official document of the Europass educational system.
  • 6. An accredited organization having received the status of a partner and an associate member of the All-Ukrainian Academic Union will also get the right to work distantly on the implementation and registration of the Europass educational documents in its region: the common European supplement to a diploma of higher education - the Europass Diploma Supplement (DS; European form), the Europass Mobility (EM) - a mobility passport; the Europass Language Passport (ELP) - a common European passport of language skill, which is a part of the Europass Language; the Europass Curriculum Vitae (ECV), a standard European summary of personal data, knowledge and skills".

Samples of European documents used in the project "International certification of educational programs":

Certificate documenting the passing of certification for a qualifying competence with supplement

Diploma of completing the course and certification for a qualifying competence with supplement.

Certificate of European evaluation of acquired knowledge level of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (London, UK) with supplement

Certificate of knowledge and skills conformity to the requirements of the international labour market of the International Union of Commerce and Industry (London, UK)

Certificate of the international partnership program "Quality education without boundaries"

Certificate of educational services conformity to the international quality standard according to IASHE version

Certificate of associate membership in the All-Ukrainian Academic Union