Immigration program through education

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All-Ukrainian Academic Union offers you the following international language education programs implemented by us in conjunction with our official partner - a company feud.


These Gallup poll showed that about 16% of the world's population (700 million) wants to move to a permanent place of residence in another country. Ways of immigration are different and dependent on the chosen country. However, regardless of the choice should be alert to the possibility that the process of immigration will take time and require financial and emotional costs.

For those who are not afraid of difficulties along the way offer to consider options for obtaining a residence permit in the UK and Canada through programs of higher education.

Kingdom. Get a higher education in this country has always been tempting, and promised great prospects for graduates of British universities. With the introduction of new immigration categories (TIER 1-5) were clearly defined requirements and conditions for obtaining immigration status of foreigners since the end of teaching in higher educational institutions of the UK. Graduates receive a legal possibility to work in the country for 2 years after the end of the academic year. The main purpose of these rules was the desire of the British government to reduce the influx of unskilled workers and at the same time give experts an opportunity to receive a British education to live and work legally in the country. Employers naturally prefer such experts, because they, unlike the newcomers, are fluent in English, possess the necessary knowledge, familiar with the cultural characteristics of the country, and most importantly, they do not need to spend time to adapt and equipment.

Recently published data rate of the British Council Higher Education Funding (Higher Education Funding Council for England), in which the universities of the country distributed in accordance with the demand for graduates in the labor market. First place went to Luton University - 100%, and closes rating Falmouth College of Arts - 74%. This high percentage clearly speaks in favor of treating the UK as a country not only an excellent education, but also as a promising opportunity to work and receive further immigration status.

Canada. As noted by the press, least of all Canada has suffered from the effects of global crisis. The country, in spite of the fact that economic growth slowed and marked a slight downturn, has the best chance of overcoming the crisis. It is important to note that the level of unemployment in the 7, 7% is still a lack of qualified professionals across the country. And another startling fact - Canada is the only developed country where the State did not have a rush job order to rescue banks and nationalize them. At such a relatively affluent background to higher education in Canada is becoming more promising. With the entry into force of change immigration laws (April 2008), foreign graduates of Canadian universities have the right to legal employment in the country within 3 years after completion of the course, and after a year of work - an opportunity to apply for permanent resident status of Canada . The program is called Canadian Experience Class.

Summing up a brief summary, we note that the choice of country for training and subsequent employment is up to you. To date, among the English-speaking countries except the UK and Canada, such as the possibility of obtaining immigration status after training are also offered by Australia and New Zealand.

Index - a goal that you pursue and the challenges. And remember that in order to achieve the desired result is not only a program of immigration in a country of peace, but also your inner conviction, motivation and opportunity to achieve this result, it was you.