European accreditation in EAIE

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The All-Ukrainian Academic Union is a member of the European Association of International Education (EAIE; Netherlands (ID 152691), the Netherlands, Amsterdam), joining leading education institutions and scientific and educational organizations, not only in Europe but also all over the world and accredited by the European Commission as an independent expert in the field of education.

The All-Ukrainian Academic Union is developing all-round cooperation:

  • 1. With governmental structures of different countries;
  • 2. With non-governmental structures and public organizations of different countries;
  • 3. With intergovernmental bodies and projects;
  • 4. With international public organizations;
  • 5. With universities of different countries.

   The main directions of international cooperation, in which the Union takes part, are:   

  • 1. Providing academic and professional recognition of educational qualifications in different countries;
  • 2. Providing mobility of researchers, teachers and students;
  • 3. Improving the quality and efficiency of education in different countries;
  • 4. Assistance in developing contacts between educational institutions of different countries;
  • 5. Development of the Bologna Process instruments in different countries;
  • 6. Proper and effective implementation of the ECTS system in universities of different countries;
  • 7. Proper and effective implementation of "Europass" documents in practice of educational institutions in different states;
  • 8. Implementation of scientific and educational programmes;
  • 9. Facilitating stakeholders in education in foreign universities;
  • 10. Assistance in broad development of distance learning;
  • 11. Assistance to educational institutions, researchers, projects organizations and groups in obtaining international development grants.