Europass documents package

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The basic package of Europass documents includes the following documents that make up the so-called Europass portfolio, which provides, being legally owned by an educational qualification holder, legal guarantees of international acceptance and recognition of study periods, the content and quality of education, achievements, academic and professional mobility:

  • - Europass Diploma Supplement
  • - Europass Mobility
  • - Europass Language Passport
  • - Europass Curriculum Vitae
  • - Europass Certificate Supplement

The All-Ukrainian Academic Union, in cooperation with the European Association for International Education (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), International Academy of Science and Higher Education (London, UK), the International Union of Commerce and Industry (London, UK), as well as in the context of international educational projects "Quality education without boundaries” and “Way to the top” is the organization authorized to provide assistance to educational institutions, as well as citizens of Ukraine and CIS countries in the proper drawing up and receiving such Europass documents as the Europass Diploma Supplement, Europass Mobility, Europass Language Passport, Europass Curriculum Vitae.

The All-Ukrainian Academic Union is authorized to offer cooperation on the implementation of these educational Europass documents to:

  • - Higher education institutions;
  • - Specialized secondary schools and vocational schools;
  • - Organizations that provide services in the area of ​​supplementary education;
  • - Organizations that specialize in providing services in the field of international education;
  • - Organizations that specialize in providing services in the field of training and employment;
  • - Individuals interested in international recognition of their educational qualifications.

 Below are electronic versions of the Europass documents introduced by the All-Ukrainian Academic Union in the framework of the international educational project “Quality education without boundaries” and “Way to the top”.