Demand research

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In our publishers seek authors of manuscripts on the publication of their works. However, before taking any decision on this issue, in addition to the authoritative expert opinions, we believe it possible to rely on the opinion of potential consumers of this literature - readers. In this regard, we bring to your attention for evaluating the attractiveness of the product and to identify consumer demand for it, the next edition.


Sakharov "Java Script for Economists"

Javascript - Languages World Wide Web, podderzhivemy all major  browsers. It allows you to create interactive and dynamic pages that improve the quality of the site. Allowance "Javascript for conomists" prepared for students who are trained in "Finance" direction 0305 "Economics and entrepreneurship" education and skill levels "bachelor".

The purpose of the proposed benefits - not just describe the syntax and provide the necessary amount of knowledge required for general understanding of the fundamentals of web programming, and to learn specific methods scripting language Javascript, which is one of the most sophisticated means used to create Web pages. To work with This book does not need to have previous experience programming and special mathematical training - all the fundamental concepts disclosed during the presentation of the material.

The manual contains a wealth of information, which is supported by numerous examples, executed in the form of program listings, that can be done with the training to directly execute on the computer.

This book can also be used to express language Javascript for students who have attended any other course programming.

This manual is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science Ukraine as a textbook for students of higher educational institutions (Letter № 1-4/18-p 76 of 10.01.09 PM)


Bukreev Alex, Senior Systems Analyst Department of Development  Software United Airlines, Ph.D., University of Phoenix, USA; Tingaev AA, Head. Department of Mathematics and Information Technology Odessa Institute of Finance UGUFMT, k.f.-mat.n., associate professor.